What Is a Slot?

The word slot can be used to refer to a number of things:

slang – a surfing term for the barrel or tube of a wave

noun – a hole in a door or window that is used for bolting or locking
verb – to fasten a strap or belt to a collar or jacket
noun – an aperture or opening in a surface, usually in a wall, door, or window
verb – to put or fit into
adjective – small, narrow, or restricted in size
noun – the part of an airplane or boat that a person sits in, and which controls the movement of the airplane or boat
noun – the gap between two parts of an automobile, truck, aircraft, or ship
noun – an area of a web page that shows links to other pages on the same website
adjective – a place in a website or social media profile where people can comment or share content
noun – a device that lets you attach items to your bike, skateboard, or snowboard, such as a bike rack or cargo box
noun – the groove along the edge of a disk or film cartridge, or around the edges of a book or newspaper
noun – the slot in the side of a door or trunk lid that holds a key or other object
noun – a device that allows you to store and retrieve data from a hard drive or other medium without physically touching it
adjective – a place for something to go, especially on a computer or internet connection
noun – an opening or recess in a wall or other surface, often lined with wood or metal
noun – a place where someone can stand up or lie down without having to hold onto something else
noun – an opening in a fence or gate that is secured with a latch or bar
noun – the gap in a fence or gate that is secured by a lock or bolt
adjective – a device for storing and retrieving information from a hard disk or other medium
noun – the groove on the edge of a disc or film cartridge, or on the edges of a book or newspaper
adjective – a place where something can be inserted or pulled out
noun – a slot in a tree, wall, or other structure, sometimes used to catch birds or rodents
noun – an opening or recess lining the inside of a door or window
adjective – a small space or hole in a piece of furniture, such as a bedside table, cabinet, or closet
noun – a device that stores and retrieves information in a computer or network
noun – an area of slack in the skin on the forehead, back of the neck, or elbow
adjective – a place where something is stored, such as an envelope or a folder
noun – a place for a chip in a laptop or other electronic device
adjective – the groove along the edge of slack in the skin on top of the shoulder or neck
noun – a notch, cutout, or recess in the end of a shaft or rod, such as a handlebar or rifle barrel
noun – the portion of a slot machine that is visible when the reels are not spinning
noun – a mechanical component in a slot machine that guides the reels

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